Managing your time to make you money

As a busy voice over it is easy to loose track of time and forget the important things.

In this post I hope to pass on a few tips to get any voice over moving in the right direction as far as managing your time effectively.

Have a dedicated working space.

For voice over actors, this means having your own professional home studio. If you own your own professional studio, you save a lot of time scheduling studio availability and waiting for the studio to be available before you can complete those voice over jobs. Having your own professional home studio allows you to get your work done immediately (and the coffee is much better). It also helps to have some back up studio kit, just in case of malfunction etc. Clients like voice over artists who are able to meet project deadlines and demands.

Review your calendar weekly.

It’s a good practice to review the past week and see what you’ve accomplished and what is still pending. Then review the upcoming week again to see what’s due and where you can schedule time to follow up on the previous week's marketing.

Use your free time wisely.

Imagine periods where you aren’t really doing anything like driving.  Is there an audio sample supplied by your client that you can listen to while driving so that when you are ready to record you know what is expected?  Or a script that you can read while waiting at the doctors or dentists?

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